Orlando Wedding DJ | How Lighting Can Change a Room

Orlando Wedding DJ | How Lighting Can Change a Room

Orlando Wedding DJ

Photo by the Jensen Larson of the Ritz Carlton Orlando Tuscany Ballroom.  Design by Lisa Stoner.  

Is it time to decide on a venue for your reception or event?

Your head might be spinning trying to decide on a perfect venue to make your event come to life and impress your guests. If you are sticking with a budget, or have decided on a plain venue, keep in mind that you can turn an empty canvas into a masterpiece with the correct lighting. Lighting is key to any event. You can change the whole look of a room by adding color, design, or highlighting  an important accent piece. You know that wedding cake you spent a fortune on? Why not draw attention to it by shining a spotlight right on it? Your guests will be wowed and you will feel like that cake money was well spent.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt happy? Or vice versa, sad? Next time, pay attention to the color on the walls and the lighting in the room.

Believe it or not, there is a psychological side to colors. Yellow can make you feel happy and upbeat, while blue is more of a relaxing, calm color. If you are trying to pick a venue for your event and are having troubles with the feeling of the room, it could be the coloring and/or lighting. Don’t fret! You can hire a lighting specialist to use a technique called “color wash” to spread color throughout the room (*ahem* like Fyerfly!). A color wash will drape your room with any color of your choice and can totally transform your event space.

Textured lighting can add patterns on the walls, ceilings, or any space that will go along with your theme. It is a great way to fill empty space in the venue to add spark and creativity to your event. From snowflakes for a winter Wonderland theme, to vines or a pattern on the ceiling, textured lighting can add the extra wow-factor that might be exactly what your venue needed.

You know that cake spotlight I talked about earlier? This is where the technique of up pin spotting comes in. Your lighting specialist can draw the focus to any area or any special piece you would like to highlight in the room.

Adding the right lighting and color to the event can create the perfect amount of flare and spark. Up lighting also gives dimension to the room. By focusing lights on different parts of the walls or drape, the room can come alive.

Even the plainest venue space has the potential to transform into something amazing by adding the right lighting. Not sure where to begin with lighting? That is where we come in. We can plan any of your lighting designs and answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us at info@fyerflyproductions.com  or look us up at FyerFlyProductions.com

Orlando Wedding DJ

Bella Collina Wedding Orlando Wedding DJ | Renata + Ernandes

Bella Collina Wedding Orlando Wedding DJ

We were thrilled to be a part of Renata & Ernandes wedding at Bella Collina on February 18th, 2017.
Congratulations you two thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Bella Collina Wedding Orlando Wedding DJ

Bella Collina Wedding Orlando Wedding DJWhat a beautiful touches of glamour & romance. The details are everything!

Once you arrive to Bella Collina, you instantly notice the Italian flair! It really feels like you have taken a trip to Tuscany.

Stunning ceremony space, the floral décor from Raining Roses is simply beautiful!

MonogramThese mahogany chiavari chairs continues to carry out the Italian flair that Bella Collina offers! Details… Details

Bring the celebration to life with Fyerfly Productions confetti cannon – Doesn’t it make for a really fun photograph!

Photography: Rhodes Studios
Planner: Blush by Brandee Gaar
Lighting: Fyerfly Productions
Floral: Raining Roses

Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

We  had the pleasure of providing the wedding lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando for Elizabeth and Boyd’s wedding. First a special thanks to Jensen Larson Photography for sharing these amazing shots with us. We provided a canopy of lights, uplighting, textures and pin spots.

Such a pleasure working with great vendors so please make sure to check out their links below and leave them a little love too.

Design and Coordination: Lisa Stoner Events
Floral: Lee James Floral
Photography: Jensen Larson
Drape: Swag Decor
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies


Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

Ritz Carlton Wedding Lighting and DJ

Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

FyerFly provided market lighting in the grand ball room for the perfect mood lighting for the first dance.Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

Wedding Lighting at the Ritz Carlton Orlando

The uplighting really popped with the sheer curtains.Ritz Carlton Orlando Wedding DJ

The market lighting almost looks like fireflies from a distance 😉Ritz Carlton Orlando Wedding Lighting and DJ

Ritz Carlton Orlando Wedding Lighting

First Dance With Your Mother

Mother Daughter Dance

Mother Daughter Dance

First Dance With Your Mother

Many traditions are still held in weddings till this day, however things change as time precedes on. We have had clients whose fathers passed away when they were young, so they will never get the chance to have a father daughter dance, or have him walk them down the aisle. But they still have someone very close to their heart and can represent him and his love, their mother. The woman who gave them life and love, who held their hand through every section of life when their father could not. A question you might ask yourself as a bride: how could I possibly honor both people in my life who held such a significant role? To give her the “Mother Daughter Dance”, this would keep the tradition and honor of both their parents. Songs are hard to choose because the lyrics and notes speak to someone on a personal level, but now you can pick something that would represent your mother and what she means to you. Listed below are just a few songs in the world of many that might make your heart take flight as you listen to them and take you back to a time and place where things were simple. Playing dress up and having a tea party with water in the cups, doing the most wonderful makeup on your mother while wearing her heels. Right now you are a bride, but just for a little while longer you are her little Princess and still playing dress up with dreams large enough to reach the sky.

1. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

2. These Dreams – Heart

3. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

4. Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

5. God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton

6. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

7. I’ll Be – Reba McEntire

8. Mothers Prayer – Celine Dion

9. A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men