Vendy Awards 2018 Orlando

Vendy Awards 2018 Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide

It was an honor to work alongside some of Orlando’s best wedding vendors for the 2018 Vendy Awards. The Vendy Awards highlight the best of the best in the Orlando wedding and event industry. FyerFly Productions provided lighting, textures, confetti, Fyerfly Fountains, and DJ services for this one-of-a-kind event.

Celebrating our industry and getting to create an amazing environment for our vendor friends to enjoy was a fantastic experience but what made the night truly unforgettable was being able to witness FyerFly Productions owner, James O’Neill, win the Young Innovator Award. Congratulations to all the other winners! We can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Vendy Awards 2018

Star Patterns on the ceiling *LOVE*

Vendy Awards 2018 Orlando

Vendy Awards 2018

Vendy Awards 2018

So proud of our owner James O’Neill who won the Young Innovator Award for 2019 🙂

Vendy Awards 2018 Orlando

Photo: That First Moment
Design and Planning: Designer Wedding by Carly Rose
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Mission Inn Wedding DJ | PWG Vendy Awards

Welcome to the Vendys!

Kind of like the Grammy’s, or the Oscar’s… or maybe even the Golden Globes? Except in the wedding industry in Central Florida, we call this annual night of recognition…The Vendy Awards.

This year the event was held at the beautiful resort of Mission Inn in Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida. A night that surely shined some light on the stars of our industry and an evening that was fun for all of the attendees. Our staff at FyerFly, sponsored the event showing off our love for music and our love for lighting design…

We provided market lighting over the cocktail hour space to ensure a beautiful setting to start the event. Those lights with the pastel colored sky in the background… WOW! What a beautiful image captured by Cricket Photography.

Our team provided Signature DJ Services from DJFyerFly himself… and we lit up the ballroom with just the right touch of blue.

It surely was a memorable evening for all.. We danced. We gave away awards..And of course what is a FyerFly celebration without popping some confetti!

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you Perfect Wedding Guide for having Fyerfly Productions be a part of this fun event.  Can’t wait for next year!

Mission Inn Wedding DJ

Mission Inn Wedding DJ

Mission Inn Wedding DJ

Orlando Wedding DJ

Confetti Wedding

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Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer | 25th for Just Marry

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Starting in 1992, and now celebrating 25 years full of success in 2017, the team at JustEvents! Group wanted to send their guests back in time and be able to appreciate where they had come from.

When approached about being a sponsor for their anniversary party, all of our Fyerfly hands shot in the air immediately! Our staff wanted to make sure the design on this event was cutting edge and totally “2017”…

As guests awaited in the foyer for the event to begin, Doc Brown made his appearance and handed out everyone’s time traveling devices (Fyerfly Bands). This way, all guests could be escorted BACK to the beginning where our friends from JustEvents! had first started. Our team began to fill the entrance room with Dry Ice fog, simulating a mysterious back to the future entry way… and after a brief explanation from Doc Brown, a short countdown, and a final FLASH back to the future… Our guests had arrived!

Accompanied with many different decor and entertainment options, a load of lights, special effects, and cool cars… 2017 is looking better and brighter than ever before, for the JustEvents! crew.

Celebrating their 25th Anniversary our FyerFly team went hands on deck and provided many different aspects of production for the party…

Our entertainment team provided a VJ/DJ+Drummer combo for the actual party atmosphere. Lighting and Effects included some of the fun stuff from the industry…incorporating Confetti blasts, Co2 spray guns, Sound reactive and remote controlled LED Bracelets called “FyerFly Bands”, Custom Texture lighting for the back wall, Monograms for the company logos, uplighting for base lighting design, and finally some pin-spotting for the little details.

With all that said, we could not be more excited for the JustEvents! family as they are celebrating 25 years in the Event Industry. They are a solid team of professionals that are some of the best in the nation at what they do. We take our caps off to you all, and wish you another 25 successful years in business.

Cheers from your friends at FyerFly!

orlando dj and drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ and Drummer

Orlando Wedding DJ | How Lighting Can Change a Room

Orlando Wedding DJ | How Lighting Can Change a Room

Orlando Wedding DJ

Photo by the Jensen Larson of the Ritz Carlton Orlando Tuscany Ballroom.  Design by Lisa Stoner.  

Is it time to decide on a venue for your reception or event?

Your head might be spinning trying to decide on a perfect venue to make your event come to life and impress your guests. If you are sticking with a budget, or have decided on a plain venue, keep in mind that you can turn an empty canvas into a masterpiece with the correct lighting. Lighting is key to any event. You can change the whole look of a room by adding color, design, or highlighting  an important accent piece. You know that wedding cake you spent a fortune on? Why not draw attention to it by shining a spotlight right on it? Your guests will be wowed and you will feel like that cake money was well spent.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt happy? Or vice versa, sad? Next time, pay attention to the color on the walls and the lighting in the room.

Believe it or not, there is a psychological side to colors. Yellow can make you feel happy and upbeat, while blue is more of a relaxing, calm color. If you are trying to pick a venue for your event and are having troubles with the feeling of the room, it could be the coloring and/or lighting. Don’t fret! You can hire a lighting specialist to use a technique called “color wash” to spread color throughout the room (*ahem* like Fyerfly!). A color wash will drape your room with any color of your choice and can totally transform your event space.

Textured lighting can add patterns on the walls, ceilings, or any space that will go along with your theme. It is a great way to fill empty space in the venue to add spark and creativity to your event. From snowflakes for a winter Wonderland theme, to vines or a pattern on the ceiling, textured lighting can add the extra wow-factor that might be exactly what your venue needed.

You know that cake spotlight I talked about earlier? This is where the technique of up pin spotting comes in. Your lighting specialist can draw the focus to any area or any special piece you would like to highlight in the room.

Adding the right lighting and color to the event can create the perfect amount of flare and spark. Up lighting also gives dimension to the room. By focusing lights on different parts of the walls or drape, the room can come alive.

Even the plainest venue space has the potential to transform into something amazing by adding the right lighting. Not sure where to begin with lighting? That is where we come in. We can plan any of your lighting designs and answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us at  or look us up at ! 

Orlando Wedding DJ

WHEN do I book my wedding DJ?

WHEN do I book my wedding DJ?

A note from a professional event DJ to the new consumer…

Whether you may be an eager bride, an involved groom, a corporate party planner, or even the unknowing mom of a soon to be “Sweet16” year old daughter… Understand that there are a few things you should be selecting right off the bat when planning an event.

I won’t be naive and suggest that DJ’s are number one… However, they are not far from the top of that list.

In our professional FyerFly opinion, you should secure your venue for your event date without a doubt. Reason for it being number one on the list is because you can’t really book any other vendors without at least a solid idea of where the event will be held.

Really, simultaneously, you need to decide whether or not a planner is best suited for your event needs… and be sure to make a decision quickly if you will be having a planner stand by your side through out the planning process. (on a side note we HIGHLY recommend a planner for any event)

Next step…quickly decide on your photography and/or video service as capturing the day is usually just as important as enjoying the experience.

The purpose for such a quick timeline, is so that you can ensure the AVAILABILITY of your vendors, for the date you are looking to hold your event.

Next in line… should be your entertainment for the evening.

Whether you are looking to entertain your guests with Magicians, or a 6 piece band, or for the sake of the note… you’d like to hire a professional DJ for your event… please understand that these performance based services are typically in high demand. Depending upon the market you live in, or especially if they have been referred to you, please know that those companies are booking anywhere from 6-12 months in advance.

So, PLEASE act fast when selecting the services that are most important to you and your event, you never know when someone will book them first!

Thanks for listening…

-DJ FyerFlyWHEN do I book my wedding DJ

WHEN do I book my event DJ

Ultra 2014 Wrap Up

The end of March marks the end of Ultra Music Festival 2014. As sad as we are to see it go, we would like to take a second to relive the magic that is Ultra.

ultra 9

ultra 8

ultra 7

ultra 6