All music is important to a wedding. Each song is perfectly placed at each time of the day to convey some sort of emotion. Slow songs have a special way of saying, “it’s okay to express your emotions, we’re all friends here, and you too will find your soulmate someday.” An Up tempo song signals “it’s time to loosen up that tie, or take off your heels, or both if that’s your style. Right now, we are focusing on the most important song of the day: the intro song. Why is it the most important? Because it helps me write this particular blog. Just kidding (insert winkey face here). No pressure, but your intro song is setting the whole mood for the rest of your reception. Why should guests be excited about your party if you’re starting it as a total snooze fest? That’s why I’ll go on record here saying it is probably in your best interest to choose a fast, pump up introduction song. That’s where we come in; to guide you. But that’s not all. We are stepping it up over here at FyerFly and giving you seven UNIQUE intro songs! Please, contain your excitement.


1. Turn Up the Music by Chris Brown- Yes, his actions in his personal life are a bit questionable. But there is no denying this song will get your guests so excited they’ll want the DJ to turn up the music. See what I did there?

2. Turn Down For What by DJ Snake ft. Lil’ Jon- Any song that includes Lil Jon is going to be an automatic winner.  Leave your Grandpa Joe thinking “what exactly does this song even mean?” He won’t mind the musical generation gap once that beat drops.

3. Star Wars Theme by John Williams- I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this song has been one of our intro songs. When you really think about it, it’s quite brilliant. Chances are you two met at a Star Wars convention which makes it even better. Why not come in with sabers while you’re at it. May the force be with you.

4. I’ll Be There for You (Friends Theme Song) by The Rembrandts- I’m pretty sure The Rembrandts actually got together and decided “let’s just change the name of this song; Friend’s Theme Song,” it is that known for the show. Therefore, what better way to introduce your closest friends to your guests than this tune. Plus, it’s a pretty catchy song. It is actually stuck in my head right now, on replay.

5. Calabria by Enur ft. Natasja- Calabria actually has a clap going the whole track. It basically peer pressures your guests to clap and dance. What better way to get them to participate? It’s also very entertaining to watch people try to sing the words to this song. Does anyone really know what she is saying anyway?  

6. Timber by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha- “It’s goin down, I’m yellin TIMBERRRR!” You literally have super human mind and body control if you can listen to this song without singing. Timber has made it to the number one spot in more than eighteen different countries. That’s the only argument I need. Moving on.

7. Chariots of Fire by Vangelis- Don’t let the title throw you off. Picture a runner striding toward the finish line in slow motion. Guaranteed whatever songs come to your head, is the song I am talking about. Chariots of Fire can represent your successful journey to the alter with a positive finish. Also, it’s so much fun to run in slow motion. And pretty hilarious.