5 Things you should tell your Wedding DJ

5 Things you should tell your Wedding DJ
photo by Chelsea Erwin      5 Things you should tell your Wedding DJ

The DJ is responsible for the way your reception will run so it is important to communicate your wishes.  This is not the time to play it by ear or keep your opinions to yourself.  Below are 5 things you should tell your DJ before the big day.

1. How to pronounce your name

We keep it modern here at FyerFly so the wedding party is introduced by their first name but, the new Mr and Mrs needs to be introduced PERFECTLY.   Give the DJ the phonetic spelling of your name and go over it before the formal introductions.

2. Family Drama

Save the drama for your momma but, tell your DJ about it.  Don’t be shy about spilling any family situations that might come up during the night.  If the DJ knows that you do not want your Step Mother or Uncle Bob making a speech it is easy for them to move around it for you.  Let them be the bad guys, it is their job to maneuver any sticky situations but, they can’t fix what they don’t know.

3. Song Requests YAY or NAY

If you have decided to not let your guests come up for requests, share that with your DJ so he can field this for you.  Again, it is easy for the DJ to handle this if you let them know ahead of time.

4. Formal Dance Songs

What are the meanings behind the songs you have chosen for your dances?   For example, do you want to dance to “Differences by Ginuwine” because it was the first song you ever danced too together?

Would you like to dance for the entire song or cut it short… because your new husband starts to cry every time after the third verse? Let us know! We can handle this discreetly as long as you let us know the details.

5. Timeline and Changes

Give your DJ a timeline for the entire day, during the reception they are responsible for how the day will flow and can make sure the events stay on time.  Changes like when the cake cutting will occur can be embarrassing if the DJ makes the announcement at the wrong time.

Wishing you good luck on your wedding day and keep dancing!
xoxoxo, FyerFly